Thursday, January 28, 2010

Album 3 Has Begun/FREE Mix

The recording of album number 3 has begun!!!!! It's a very exciting time. we recorded our first 2 days at Shipwreck Studios in Oakland this last weekend with the ever calming Jonah Strauss. I actually had to work at my new busing job the first day in the studio so that kind of sucked, but Rob and Bob still killed it if the recordings that they did are any indication (which they are). We're really pleased with the sounds we're getting and our time has been pretty productive. I even laid down some drums which was interesting/frustrating, haha. definitely not on par with Rob's playing, but I think the songs will never the less rock. Stay tuned for more photos, updates, video, etc. from the studio.

We played Red Devil Lounge earlier this month and that was one of the more fun shows we've done in a while in my opinion. For some reason I had low expectations for Red Devil. My assumptions were way off. It was a really cool place and a bunch of our folks came out, so there was a really good energy. The other bands were good to, so that helped. We were asked to play there again in the future. We may try and do an album release show there and really blow the roof off the sucka.

Stay tuned for the release of our first remixed song ever.

And here is yet another mix. It is a little bit more directly in line with my mood lately. A few days ago to be exact, when it was raining like crazy. Rain and I don't jive well. Tracklist and link are bellow.

Important Note: I encourage you to check out all the mixes I've posted if you're looking for something to listen to. If a mix sounds like something you want to listen to but the link has been made inactive due to inactivity, just let me know and I can repost it and let you know. our e-mail is or contact us on facebook. feel free to hit us up with other questions, conversations you want to have.

1. 20th Century Man - The Kinks
2. The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) - Missy Elliot
3. Kpabi - Wulomei
4. Melt! - Flying Lotus
5. Moody - ESG
6. If I Ruled the World (Imagine That) - Nas
7. I Think I Can - Animal Collective
8. Stillness In The Move - Solange

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