Sunday, July 25, 2010

An Elpee's Worth Of Loons

So the album has been mixed and we even did the treacherous deed of correcting the pitch of certain vocal passages. That's right folks! WE'RE FRAUDS!!! Seriously, it sounding a lot nicer now, if you knew what the originals sounded like versus the spruced up ones you would thank us. So now up ahead lies the quick task of mastering the album, which will be the last in the audio related chain of things (aside from hopefully some remixes taking place along the way). I heard this Todd Rundgren song for the first time the other day and it did a good job of summing up my feelings about making music and the ridiculous, but worthy nothing of making money off of the art form of music. Pretty far fetched notion these days to be sure, at least when it comes to putting your own music out into the world. Hopefully things go well though. I'm hopeful. Hitting up sf, chico, and seattle at the end of this coming week. Hijinxs will ensue.