Friday, January 1, 2010

Sun's Not In The Sky, But A Blue Moon Is

Happy New Year (and decade) to you all!!! Things are going well with us Gang folks. Rob and I just kicked off the new year with painted faces, while we (Gang) banged on drums and howled at the blue moon with some of our closest friends in the Napa country side.......Bob was working. With Bob and I out of school we've been able to practice a little more frequently than when school is in session, so that has been really nice. We're hitting the studio Jan. 4th to record a new song and get the feel for Shipwreck studios, where we will most likely record our full length in the very near future. The songs keep flowing our of us (okay it's not that effortless, but it's been a lot less painstaking then some past song-writing experiences with the 3 of us) so it's looking like we might be going into the studio for the first time with a few jams that won't be on the album. So maybe an EP is in the near future for us as well. Right now, this single with our song called "Sun's Not In The Sky" is what's most important though. I think it's going to turn out better then a batch of your mom's best pancakes, with extra srrp.

Secondly, and not surprisingly if you've been keeping up with the blog thus far, another mix. tracklisting and link bellow. Hope you started 2010 off right.

Oh oh oh, and lest I forget, we're playing at The Red Devil Lounge in SF on the 13th. So those 21-up folks should come out and experience some of the newness.


Digits - Javelin
Danger - Erykah Badu
Moving In Stereo - The Cars
Percussion Gun - White Rabbits
Love -Building On Fire - Talking Heads
Mesopotamia - The B-52's
The Safety Dance - Men Without Hats
11th Dimension - Julian Casablancas
Paris - Friendly Fires
$20 - M.I.A.

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