Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry XXX-Mas, and a Happy Lewd Year

So, I'm a little late on this one (we were a little late on getting it posted up on the Glial Cell website), but we have the Glial Cell X-Mas 2K10 album up for free download. So far the response has been really good and people have been compelled to give it repeated listens:


In more BCG oriented news, we just got physical copies of our single, Sun's Not In The Sky/Only As Good (limited to 100), and will be giving those out for free at our shows until they run out.

The art for our upcoming LP, Polite Men, is reaching the final stages, which means that soon enough we will be sending the album off to be physically manufactured, as well as available digitally. Oh the joys of waiting for an album to come out months after the music has been recorded. It's an exercise of patients for all parties involved.

We're playing tomorrow (New Year's Eve) at Hotel Utah in SF, which should be pretty fun, and a great way to ring in the new year. We've never played there as a band (although Rob played there with another project he was involved in with our good friend Lucas Farmer), but I, having never been there, have heard only good things. Come out if you're around and be rewarded with our new single, haha.

Earlier this week we played a really fun (I thought) and unique show in Napa at Slack Ranch. We played there in June and it was really really fun. It was good energy all around. This time the energy was still really great, but it was a really muddy affair. We had to trudge through mud, sometimes deep enough to envelope our feet, in order to bring our equipment in the house. This was not enjoyable in the slightest, although it was slightly comical. It's always a task to store equipment as well seeing as the house is fairly small. What was really cool though, other than having a lot of great people show up to see us (, Ars Nova and Finish Ticket) play, was that Paul Slack set up a huge tarp/tent outside to protect people from the rain. There was no way everyone could fit in the house, so a good amount of people were outside under the tarp, and on the edge of the tarp was a bonfire which was really nice considering we were all pretty wet and muddy. In the end everything turned out pretty well sound-wise, and people were feeling things once we got into the swing of our set.

Stay tuned for further album related details, and thanks to those that maintain and interest in our band and the (often neglected) blog.