Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tomorrow we go in for our first day of mixing on the album (cue "The Final Countdown"). I think we're all pretty excited about this. The three of us have listened to the album (as it currently exists) a couple times together and conversed about what we thought should happen with these mixes making sure we're more or less all on the same page, which, let me tell you, is very important for a stress free and productive mixing session. As it stands now I think we're all pretty happy with things, but maybe I'm just transferring my satisfaction with how things are going onto the other two. haha.

Since I last wrote our friends Ben and Lindsay have been married (we were all there for the whole ordeal) which is pretty awesome. We played a show at Rickshaw Stop with some very dramatic bands (offstage) of the hip hop ilk. A ton of people came though and people got into the music, so it was a good time. I happened to spy Jerry Harrison (keyboardist and guitarist or both The Modern Lovers and Talking Heads) enter the club which prompted me to jump over the merch table and say hi and how I was a huge fan. It was a pretty boring meeting and extremely quick, but the impact of the music that Talking Heads have made on me is insane. Turns out he had produced a few songs for one of the other bands that played that night. If you haven't seen the Talking Heads concert film Stop Making Sense, directed by Jonathan Demme, I recommend you do it very soon. It literally changed my life.

That's basically it for interesting band news. Here is a song that we put down as reference for certain elements of the mix for our album. Pretty great vibe, hope we can channel some of that. Hope you enjoy