Tuesday, March 1, 2011

April 13th Album Release (Show)

I don't really have much to say, but I have made statements claiming I would make an attempt to post more often on the blog. Nothing too exciting. The album is being manufactured and we've been working on a lot of new material along with preparing material for our album release show at Red Devil Lounge on April 3rd in San Francisco (also have upcoming shows in Napa and Cotati). It was an ordeal to say the least to get a solidified lineup for the show, but I'm happy now that it's over in done with because we have two great acts on the bill, John Thill and Alright. they make me happy and that is all there is to that. All that being said though, I just wanted to do a show off this video. I've been jamming out to this song for the last year or two (whenever it came out) and while the album is just okay, this song is really great in my opinion. Grade A crooning going on. Enjoy (you might want to have a fruity cocktail in hand while listening to this ditty).

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