Saturday, March 5, 2011

Album Has Shipped

Yes, that is right, the album has shipped. What does that mean to you, or us? That means we will soon have our grubby hands on the distilled product of the last 2 (or so) years of work writing, practicing, recording, mixing, mastering, and designing a whole product both musical (capital "M") and art. Hope some of you can get a little excited about that haha. I myself am quite excited to get this music out there and start to get some honest to goodness feedback. Art is obviously supposed to be for the person who makes it, on a certain level; but what would be the point in putting it out there if we didn't want to see what others thought of it, or to make people happy in some sort of way. Pretty simple stuff really.

Another little non-us treat. I've really been digging this song over the last couple weeks. it took me a few listens to get used to the voice. you don't hear a lot of voices like this in good off kilter indie rock these days; clean, soulful, aggressive, and versatile. I was surprised when talking at a bar tonight with a friend that the singer is a woman. Now it makes sense and I can hear it, but damn if I wasn't fooled. I actually played this in my house while my parents were home, and (cool kids beware) my mom and I started doing a little solo dancing to it. Those in the world of indie-rock marketing take heed, apparently old people dig this. So, without further adieu....

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