Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Blog, Shnew Shnog

So here it is, the first entry on the new blog. Pretty exciting stuff eh? Not really, but it will hopefully allow us to be able to better express whats going on within the band and communicate what's going on with us without having to put up with all the visual and informational bs that is on Myspace. Easier to share pertinent photos, videos, possibly demos, mixes, etc.. So here it is. I (Pete) and the rest of the band are new to the whole blogesphere thing, although I check them out from time to time. We've never really been the blogging type, but as they say, "when in Rome". Also I think, as many many bands these days have done prior to this, that sharing whats going on with us can be informative, beneficial and help to demystify the whole process of being in a band. As you will see, there are no groupies, we're not signed to any major label (or a label at all for that matter), and our songs our not on the radio. None of those things are necessary though, especially in this day and age, in order to create and share music. So for the sake of better fleshing out the art form that we call music and everything that follows, here we go.

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