Monday, May 17, 2010

Horse Man

Good news for us in the band and those of you who care: WE"VE FINISHED RECORDING THE ALBUM!!! Don't get too excited though, we still need to mix the album, which we'll be doing during 7 days at the end of June. Then it will truly be finished in the musical sense. Album art, distribution, and all that will hopefully quickly follow. The last thing that we recorded was rob playing bongo and floor tom, while I played the concrete floor simultaneously, hahaha. An interesting way to end it all (Oh and Rob racking his brain figuring out what to title a video he shot and edited about a horse trainer for his job). Pretty exciting (if not pocket book draining) times to come when we really craft these sounds in to something compelling and just simply enjoyable in the broad sense of things. To commemorate this affair I bellow have the first thing I listened to as I drove away from the studio. hahaha. Thank you Tom Tom Club for making a beat that was soo astoundingly great that Mariah Carey (or Tommy Mottola) found it worth jacking and laying those sweet shrieks over.

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