Sunday, August 30, 2009

Procrastinating School Reading in Order To Make Mixes and Update Those Few That Care

So for lack of anything better to do, here I am on a lazy Sunday to let you know what's new in our world and also to give you a few little audio/visual treats. First off, as I said in the previous post, the show at Slim's was a success. It's crazy to be part of an operation like that where there are so many more people involved in putting on a show than there are at any of the previous venues that we've played. There were at least 5 people that I directly dealt with and a bunch more that I had no idea what there job's were, but all to help put on a quality show. So my thanks goes out to them for making it a positive experience for us as well as our friends that came out to the show. Here is some video of a couple of the songs from the show. The sound is actually pretty good on these, so that's a big plus :

This is a new song "Sun's Not In The Sky"

A cover of "Iko Iko"

On the live note, we just got two shows in Cotati at Tradewinds on Oct.1st and 27th. So if you want to see us play some star studded and ridiculously long sets come on out.

Yesterday I just began some preliminary work with our good friend Lucas Farmer ( who used to sings and play lead guitar in a band with Rob and I in high school called (among many other things) Pirate Underground) for Rob and my somewhat electro project Cowabunga. We played at the end of May on one show and based off that we were encouraged by a few people to put some recordings into the world, so when we're not going forward and doing the same thing with The Buttercream Gang we'll be dong it with Cowabunga. This should work out well since Rob and I are both, at the moment, living in Napa. Get ready to sweat your asses off to some jams.

Last, but certainly not least, in my never ending quest to create the ultimate mix I come with the BCG MIX #6. This is the last in a long line of seasonally leaning mixes to compliment your summer. After this, we'll be in fall, but this last week driving around in the 100 degree heat showed me that one more mix for the heat was necessary. Hope you enjoy.

BCG MIX #6 (click on link for download)

1. Yalira - The Very Best

2. In The Sun - President

3. That's How They Getcha (Chinkuzi Riddim Version) - Professor Murder

4. New Era - Retro Kidz

5. Soy Loco Por Tí, América - Caetano Veloso

6. Mr. Me Too (Z.A.K. remix) - Clipse

7. Sittin' In My Car - Slick Rick

8. I Want To Live - The Ramones

9. Passara - Jaime Alem & Nair De Candia

10. Love The Nite Away (Tiedye Mix) - DJ Kaos

11. Loch Raven - Animal Collective

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